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“So many people don’t think seriously about the fact that Personal Responsibility is one of the most essential credentials…” – Sunday Adelaja

"I like to think of sales as the ability to gracefully persuade, not manipulate, a person or persons into a win-win situation." – Bo Bennett 


A Whippoorwill in the dark

Hi, I’m Gabrielle. Thanks for taking the time to look around my site.

My deep affection for birds began when I was just a kid. I couldn’t have been older than eight or nine.

My family lived in a house in New York, built at the base of a mountain. There were so many trees on the property that I used to tell my friends we lived in a forest.

Sometimes, on cooler nights in late spring when there might have been a breeze, I’d lie in my bed with the windows open and wait…

On those nights a whippoorwill, gently singing his unmistakable song, told me the day was finished and summer was coming.

And aside from the katydids, his was the only song in the dark.

It was an insistent but tranquil, lonely song…

Occasionally I’d see a bat. It would move in and out of the streetlamp’s light like a silver pinball, bouncing erratically from bumper to bumper.

But even on the brightest moonlit nights, all I could do was turn my ear toward my small companion’s customary direction. For many years I heard but never saw.

It’s because of the feelings I experience when I hear a whippoorwill, or listen to the morning chorus, or watch a peregrine sail the wind, that I chose birds and backyard wildlife as the focus of my business.

In my work I get to combine my expert writing skills and my fascination with birds. I get to help businesses make possible for others the same joy, wonderment, and serenity I experienced as a child and still enjoy today.

And I don’t just write about birds and backyard wildlife… I also work in the industry.

I get to talk with other bird enthusiasts, advise them on ways they can enhance their enjoyment, learn about and solve their problems, and talk about what fuels their passion for the hobby.

It’s true… when you love what you do, it’s not work.


Their Hobby. Your Business.

People who invest in feeding songbirds and other backyard wildlife are committed to their hobby. But it can be an expensive one.

That means every time a feeder needs to be filled, a bird house replaced, or a bird bath gifted, a customer is making a decision… an emotional decision.

And whether you’re B2B or B2C, it’s a decision that affects profits all the way down the line… from seed grower to retail store owner.

If your sales materials and marketing content can’t persuade and emotionally move your customers and prospects to buy, you’ll be out of business before the next migration.

Fortunately, I can help.

As a highly trained copywriter, I’ll address your pain points with skill. I’ll:

    • Dig into every feature and benefit of your packaging, bird seed, suet, nest boxes, and all your other wonderful products. When I’m done, your customer is going to need what you’re selling (cost be damned!) because it will be the best thing EVER.
    • Boost your ranking with an effective SEO writing strategy that will get you noticed FIRST.
    • Provide you with a steady stream of high-quality content for your blog that will attract and keep customers. You can check out my blog here.
    • Work with your web developer and write for how online readers consume content.
    • Deliver short- and long-form copy for direct mail, create Facebook ads, craft emails, and compose white papers for those highly desirable but hard-to-sell prospects.
    • And if you need something else… something special… just ask.

And as a professional copywriter I’ll do what I say I will, and I’ll hit your deadline. It’s called being accountable.


 Why You Want to Hire Me and Not the Other Guy

The key to effective copywriting is to determine which features and benefits matter to your customers and prospects. As one of my prospects, these are the features and benefits I’ve selected for you:

Feature: Unlike most copywriters, my credentials include a Ph.D. in rhetorical theory and criticism. That means I have a deep, expert understanding of what combination of words and techniques will move a specific group of people to buy what you’re selling.

Benefit: You get a copywriter who can compel your market to understand, to feel, to visualize, to take the next step and make a purchase… and I can tell you why, so we can do it again.

Feature: Also, unlike most, I’m a highly-trained, professional, and AWAI Verified™ Copywriter. I have earned specialized copywriting certificates in email sales, online advertisements, and SEO. I’m working on adding more specializations to my credentials.

Benefit: You get a copywriter who knows what she’s doing. No hand-holding. No blunders. No wannabes or posers who will waste your time and money.

Feature: For 16 years I successfully taught traditional and at-risk college students, adults, veterans, and corporate sales executives a host of different subject. This means I know how to:

  • Explain anything to anyone clearly and succinctly.
  • Adapt a message to a variety of audiences needs, wants, and emotions to solicit action.
  • Determine what works and what doesn’t and adapt accordingly.

Benefit: You get a copywriter whose copy is a triple threat to your competition. Whose combination of knowledge and skill you won’t easily find in another writer. Who’ll hit the mark time and time again.

Contact me. I’m available for hire. We’ll talk about your copywriting needs and how I can help your sales take flight.



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