How I Work

Having a process reassures clients and makes certain I get the message right every time.

My Approach to Copywriting Projects 

Clarification of requirements

During our first conversation we’ll talk about the problem you’re trying to solve, your budget, deadlines, page requirements, and other preliminary information to help me determine whether the project is a good fit.



I will send you a proposal that includes a summary of our conversation plus typical things you’ll need to know before deciding to do business together: the cost, payment terms, cancellation policy, and any assumptions.


Brief / Fee agreement

We’ll have a second call to fill in the details: objective, tone, audience, competitors, what makes you different, call to action, and the like. With the added details, I’ll write up and send you a brief. The brief is a working document so if you want to change or add something you should. Once the brief is signed, it becomes our fee agreement.



This is where the heavy lifting starts. I’ll read your website, brochures, blog posts. I’ll check out your competitors. I’ll interview customers and key stakeholders. I’ll thoroughly examine your product or service for features and benefits. I’ll ask for copies of previous materials. The best research is deep and wide.


First draft

If the project is large, I’ll send you a preliminary page or two. This will eliminate any risk of my being on the wrong track. You can tell me what you like, and I can learn your preferences. Otherwise, you can expect a complete draft.



During this stage you’ll give me honest and thorough feedback and we’ll discuss possible changes.


Second draft

I’ll incorporate your feedback and changes we’ve discussed. I’ll send this second draft to you for your review.



You’ll read the second draft and check the facts, that the tone and voice are appropriate, the flow, and other important elements. You’ll then send your comments back to me and, if necessary, we can talk to clarify what’s needed.


Final copy

I’ll make any changes from the review and then polish the final copy. You’ll be delighted. I’ll probably have a cocktail.



This could be as simple as an email. It might say, “This is great. Thanks.” It might be more comprehensive depending on how many approvals are required.



The invoice will reflect the cost and terms written in the fee agreement.